Twisted Times NFT Treasure Hunt Launch

Can You Solve Them All?

It’s 2022 and the world appears to be spinning deeper into a chaotic pit of greed, politics and fear mongering…so why not laugh about it?

The Twisted Times NFT collection is now launching it’s first phase of 12 NFT Cards on the Cardano Blockchain through These NFT’s will contain clues to puzzles of which the community may work together to solve. Upon solving each NFT’s puzzle or cipher a single word will be discovered. 24 words will be uncovered through out the collection and when combined will unlock the Twisted Treasure chest, a Cardano Wallet containing a growing amount of ADA for the first to unlock it.

The Twisted Treasure chest will initially contain 1,000 ADA located at this wallet address:


There will be a 20% Royalty on the secondary sales of each NFT in the collection, of which 10% will go into the Treasure wallet (Which will be a manual process I’ll likely do weekly if there is enough turn over volume, otherwise it may be monthly) until the wallet is unlocked at which point no more ADA will be added.

Will Royalties Work If I Sell My Twisted Times NFTs On Other Platforms like CNFT?

Sadly, no. Royalties will only work when the NFT’s are bought/sold on

How Rare Will These NFTs Be?

There are two versions of each. There is a 16 Bit Version just for fun that have nothing to do with the Treasure Hunt and primarily minted for testing and the final version launching now. There is only 1 copy of each version. That is all.

Why Only Release The First 12?

The launch of the first half of the collection is for multiple reasons.

A. The first 12 puzzles will be challenging, but not overly difficult, especially for a community. I want to gauge how long it times for someone to unlock all 12 words so I get an idea as to how much more difficult I should make the final 12 which will be much more challenging regardless. I do however want to make sure they aren’t impossible.

B. Since the launch will happen on, a new NFT marketplace offering royalties from collections minted on, I want to make sure there aren’t any unforeseen issues during the beta of Zempafy. Many new features and functions will be added over time. Both of these platforms are also my own creations along with my developer.

C. I want to make sure people enjoy the puzzles and that they drive community involvement. This is a bit of a fun project I planned out in 2020 as Rona was driving me insane and I was caught up in boredom. It’s taken a while to get off the ground with the right marketplace, Art and planning.

How Big Do You Expect The Treasure Chest to Grow?

I have no idea whatsoever. It will ultimately depend on the community. As people work together to solve the puzzles within, my hope is that community interest and appreciation will drive up turnover of the NFT’s until they become wildly sought after super rare NFT’s collected by folks for their art, comedic value and underlining message.

Can I Donate To The Treasure Wallet To Make It Bigger And Help Drive Interest?

Of course, nothing to stop you. Though it may make more sense to just offer to buy one of the NFT’s from someone. Whatever makes you happy.

I Get Emotionally Triggered Easily, What If I Hate Your NFT Collection?

Aaah, I completely understand. This does happen. I kindly suggest this link to help you sort through those issues. Emotional support providers are awaiting to assist you promptly.

Is There A Telegram Group I can Discuss The Puzzles and NFT’s With?

Absolutely, you can join the Twisted Times Telegram Group.

What Happens If I Unlock All 12 Seed Words? What then?

Once you have unlocked all 12 of the seed words, just post a message in the Telegram Group and I will message you for confirmation. I will announce on my Twitter that you are the first to unlock them all to my 40,000 Twitter followers to you can be king for the day and then I may treat you with one of the 16 Bit Versions of that series as a Trophy.

From there, I will evaluate everything and plan the launch of the final 12 NFTs in the series.

I Have More Questions!

Ask in our Telegram Group. 🙂

Thank you all for your support and participation in this NFT Collection. My hope is that it brings everyone something to provide a few chuckles and something to do during this period in history will nothing makes sense.

The First 12 NFT’s Launched Are:

Actually Andy

Angry Alex

Cardano –

Covid Karen –

Democracy –

Ethereum –

Fake News –

Fiat Money –

Freedom –

Future Employment –

Future Human –

Halfway Harvey –

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