What Are Twisted Times?

The new satire riddled series of our Twisted Times.

What a Twisted World we are living in today where nothing makes sense and nothing is certain but death, taxes and a farting President who forgot he was President.

This series of exclusive one of a kind NFT’s is meant to inspire thought while laughing at the lunacy of the world while triggering snowflakes because, how else can we make lockdowns more interesting?

These NFT’s are a product of the times and new series will eventually rise up from the ashes of bad politics and further global dismay unless they become banned by political powers that can’t laugh at themselves, but hey, lets face it, most of them are too drunk on power to care much about these silly things.

We are launching this flagship edition of Twisted Times on both the Ethereum Network and Cardano network with possibly a Solana edition coming soon.

These NFT’s are not meant to incite hate and none of them are based on real people and any purely coincidental similarities potentially found within any of them are merely a figment of your own imagination and wishful thinking.

Enjoy the art, enjoy the laughs and may you shine bright as a collector of this rare collection and may they bring you many years of snowflake triggering amusement. 😛